What you should expect to learn in this course:

  • Understand some of the key metrics for evaluating rental properties in B, C, D, E neighborhoods

  • Key differences between Cashflow vs appreciation

  • Understanding the difference with large multiunit properties
  • Key lessons, stories, and nuggets of applicable info from 12+ case studies
  • Learning to grow with systems: Automate + delegate
  • Understanding the value of relationship building
  • Tips for getting quality tenants and retaining them
  • Cost-effective tips to rehab & work with contractors
  • Confidently review deals with a simple spreadsheet

  • Understanding Hard Money, Bank Loans and Private Money

  • and much, much more...
  • Understand Real Estate

    Plain and simple: understand how to build net worth and generate positive cash flow through Income-generating rental properties.

  • Investing Wisely

    Learn how understanding how to evaluate properties, leverage government-subsidized programs, and different neighborhood classes can well position you for investing well.

  • Relationships

    Who to know and how to get to know them! How relationships can accelerate your learning and limit your risk. Network = net worth.